Everyone becomes a star making their own music video in less than five minutes for all to enjoy..

The Participants see themselves live on an exclusive monitor as others can view the soon to be music video stars on a large screen audience monitor and share some laughs as the video is being made.

The performance is filmed and each participant can receive their own DVD copy immediately..

High School Post Proms & Post Graduations – Lets face it - inflatables for High School teens is only fun for about 30 minutes. Bopping heads videos are new and pack hours of laughter!!

College campus activities – Bopping heads can be a perfect complement to any college function, giving everyone hours of memorable entertainment and will surely make a memorable impression for next years function.

Holiday Parties – Nothing is more unique than giving everyone in your party, their own custom Holiday Greeting Card with Bopping Head Video!.

Birthday Parties – Everyone wants something better than last year! Very popular at Mitzvahs and Birthdays. Let all your guests take home a DVD of their Bopping Heads Video!

Corporate Parties – See your boss and co-workers in a new light!! A great bonding experience! 

Promotional Events – Bopping Heads draws huge crowds and makes for memorable events. Want to bring over tons of people to your Trade Show location? 

Street Fairs & Amusement Parks – Easy set-up and easy to run. Bopping Heads will be the #1 Entertainment / Amusement Attraction at your Amusement Park, Fair or Festival!.

Bars / Clubs / Restaurants – Have your customers laughing and coming back for more. 

Fundraisers – Unique ideas cause people to reach deeper for your cause!.

Making Stars! – Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteen, Corporate Events, Holidays, Themed Parties, Promotions and Trade Shows. YES, We Make Everyone A Music Video Star…”.

The possibilities are endless . Bopping heads is so unique that once anybody sees it, they are compelled to make one and share the fun.

Youth Groups and Schools



We Service

No Party to Big or to Small!!  We do it all!



Entertain your guest during cocktail hour while waiting for the newly weds to arrive!  All participants receive a take home DVD and everyone is easily entertained while watching family and friends on the big screen making their video!


Wedding packages starting at $500 for 2hrs of Bopping Heads fun!

*in Toronto and the GTA, contact us for pricing in other regions

We offer special rates for schools and youth groups!  Our services are great for team building, and bonding moments that will last a lifetime!  What a unique way to  incorporate Bopping Heads into a social science, science, social media, music, and drama!


Make your school or youth group an exciting place to learn and grow!!

Book us for your Party!

Bopping Heads travels to meet your needs!  Contact us with the location of your event / party and the number of guests you have attending and we will send you a quote!  It's that easy!


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Want the latest and Greatest for your next Party? Your Guests will be Entertained for hours! Everyone leaves your party with a Bopping Heads DVD! You're the STAR! NO Talent Required!! Your Guests will laugh for hours!








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